Computer Repair Barrhead / Westlock

If your computer is not running as fast it is used to be, then it's time for action, we can clean up your pc, so it will run like brand new.

If you have an old PC which cannot start anymore, and you need to recover your data (pictures and documents or bookkeeping maybe) we can help you retrieve those files and put those over into your new computer.

Mac OS 
From now on you don't have to go to the Apple store, but you can just drop off your Macintosch at our place and I will have a look. Any software related issues can be solved without any issues. If needs to I make a backup first to make sure no data will be lost.

Virus and spyware removal

Once your pc doesn't start windows anymore and stay on to a black screen, then you might want to give me a call, and I can fix your pc and make it run faster then it was before.

If you have one printer and want it to work with multiple PC's then I can help you set that up. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call.