CMS page

If you want a CMS, then this is the place to be.

First of all, what is a cms? CMS stands for Content Management System.


Content management packages

Worship package:

- Member registration/login system
- Upload audio files from worships
- Create webpages
- Webpage for each service
- Upcoming Events
- Navigation menu updates

Event software

- Create info webpages
- Upcoming Events
- Register for event
- Online payments
- Navigation menu updates




Benefits of our CMS:

  • Quick
  • Code has been optimized
  • Simple text editor
  • Matches exactly what your website needs with our content type generator
  • Free updates to system improvements
  • Easy to install
  • Custom layouts for your company.
  • Page caching
  • Share costs for improvements.
  • SEO Friendly URLS
  • Extremely optimezed for Google.
  • Redirecting pages after url change.
  • Totally responsive.
  • No plugins needed! Everything is possible.
  • Multiple Templates
  • Compatable with major browsers!
  • Bing and Google sitemaps.xml
  • Custom page not found page.
  • No PHP knowledge needed.
  • The package is ideal for designers, and their customers!
  • Statistics
    • See what people do on your website
    • See how many visitors did you had
    • see where they came from
  • Custom right mouse click, try it out.
    • no copy cats.